Digital Safety Workshop in Koforidua: Empowering Families with Knowledge

17th Feb, 2024- In a significant move towards enhancing digital safety, the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation (GISF) hosted a pivotal workshop at the Presbyterian Church in Koforidua. The event, focusing on Digital Parenting and Child Online Protection, was led by esteemed GISF members and online safety experts, Gabriel Ofori Appiah and David Okyere.

Under the guidance of Appiah and Okyere, the workshop offered separate yet complementary sessions for school children and their parents. The children were introduced to critical topics like managing digital footprints, understanding privacy settings, and combating cyberbullying. The hands-on activities designed by the facilitators made these concepts accessible and engaging for the young audience.

Parents, meanwhile, were equipped with strategies for navigating the challenges of digital parenting. Appiah and Okyere shared insights into setting up parental controls, fostering open communication, and creating a family environment conducive to sharing online experiences safely and respectfully.

Highlighting the importance of a united approach to online safety, the workshop emphasized collaboration between parents and children. Appiah and Okyere, with their extensive expertise, underscored the significance of mutual understanding and teamwork in ensuring a positive digital environment for families.

The positive reception from the Koforidua community underscores the impact of having seasoned experts like Appiah and Okyere lead such initiatives. The workshop not only equipped families with essential digital safety knowledge but also set the stage for GISF’s continued efforts to spread awareness and education across Ghana.

Through their leadership, Appiah and Okyere have reinforced GISF’s commitment to fostering digital resilience and responsibility, ensuring that families are prepared to face the digital world’s challenges with confidence.

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