ShieldHER: Empower & Recover - A Digital Sanctuary for Women

ShieldHer – Empower & Recover

In response to the escalating concerns around online safety for young women in Ghana, the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation (GISF) launched the ShieldHER project in November 2022. The project deploys the CyberClinic App, developed to tackle online sexual abuse by providing vital education, support, and recovery resources. Disturbing statistics from UNICEF’s 2022 report and Ghana’s Cyber Security Authority underline the critical necessity for such an initiative.

Over 13,000 instances of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) were identified in Ghana in 2020, emphasizing the urgent need for protective measures. ShieldHER aims to directly benefit around 1,200 girls from educational institutions in Accra and Kumasi, contributing to a safer and more empowering online environment for young women.   


ShieldHER empowers young women aged 18 to 35 in Accra and Kumasi to combat online sexual abuse. Using the CyberClinic App, operated by GISF’s Cyber Clinic Helpline, its objectives are:
– To empower young women aged 18 to 35 in Accra and Kumasi in combating online sexual abuse, a prevalent form of GBV.
– Utilizing the CyberClinic App, operated by GISF’s Cyber Clinic Helpline, to provide targeted education, support, and recovery resources.
– To foster a secure community that supports survivors and educates women on protecting themselves against GBV in digital spaces.
This initiative aims to address and mitigate GBV through digital safety and empowerment. 

Target Group

ShieldHER targets approximately 1,200 girls from first and second cycle institutions in Accra and Kumasi, equipping them with online safety tools and knowledge.


ShieldHER has significantly impacted the lives of 1,200 girls, enhancing their digital safety and resilience. GISF plans to expand the project in 2024, aiming to support an even larger segment of Ghana's young female population.


The project stands out for its focused approach on young women, providing direct support through the CyberClinic App, including a helpline and resources to address online sexual abuse challenges.

Contribution to Society

Through GISF, ShieldHER is advancing a safer digital world for women, promoting gender equality, and raising online safety awareness. The project underscores a significant societal impact by nurturing a supportive ecosystem for young women's digital navigation and growth.

Current Status

Since GISF introduced ShieldHER in November 2022, it has garnered significant traction among its target audience. As it continues to receive positive feedback, GISF is dedicated to extending the CyberClinic App's reach, ensuring more young women across Ghana can benefit from this pioneering initiative.

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