Tackling Gender-Based Online Sexual Violence on Independence Day


Accra, Ghana – 8th March 2024, The ShieldHer: Empower and Protect program, a pioneering initiative by the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation (GISF), took a bold step forward in the fight against gender-based online sexual violence this Independence Day, March 6th. With a focus on digital safety and empowerment for young girls, the campaign illuminated the streets of Accra with vital awareness efforts targeting the pernicious issue of sextortion.

In a celebration interwoven with education, the program harnessed the spirit of Ghana’s Independence Day to address a modern-day challenge: ensuring digital freedom and safety from sexual coercion and blackmail online. The outreach aimed squarely at schoolchildren, especially girls, who are often the most vulnerable to these cyber threats.

The ShieldHer campaign employed a direct approach, engaging with young minds through discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions. By distributing informative materials and creating open dialogues, volunteers provided critical insights into recognizing and combating gender-based online sexual violence. The campaign’s focus extended beyond mere awareness to imbue young girls with the tools and confidence needed to navigate digital spaces safely.

This strategic intervention on such a symbolic day underlined the program’s commitment to fostering a safer online environment. The emphasis on digital safety served as a reminder that freedom in the digital era also means being secure from exploitation and abuse on the internet.

The positive reception from the community underscored the urgent need for such initiatives. Parents expressed their appreciation for shining a light on this crucial issue, while young participants gained valuable knowledge and skills to protect themselves online.

The ShieldHer: Empower and Protect program’s Independence Day campaign represents a significant leap towards eradicating gender-based online sexual violence. By prioritizing digital safety and empowerment, the GISF is paving the way for a future where Ghanaian youth can explore, learn, and grow online without fear.


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