Parents Must Sign Digital Use Contracts With Their Children: A Ghanaian Perspective

In Ghana, where digital device usage among children is on the rise, the need for regulating screen time has never been more critical.

Ghanaian parents, recognizing the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age, are increasingly turning to Digital Use Contracts to ensure their children engage with technology in a healthy, balanced manner.

The Digital Landscape in Ghana:

With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, Ghanaian children, much like their global counterparts, are spending a significant amount of time online.

Studies suggest an upward trend in screen time, mirroring global statistics that indicate children spend over seven hours a day on entertainment media. This increase has sparked a crucial dialogue among Ghanaian families about the need for moderated and mindful device use.

The Role of Digital Use Contracts:

Digital Use Contracts are becoming an essential tool for Ghanaian families aiming to cultivate a responsible digital environment at home. These contracts, agreements between parents and children, outline clear guidelines on the use of digital devices, emphasizing the values of discipline, respect, and privacy.

Sample Digital Use Contract:


This contract is a commitment between [Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name(s)] and [Child’s Name] to ensure that digital devices are used in a manner that is safe, respectful, and conducive to learning and personal growth.


  1. Screen Time Limits: [Child’s Name] agrees to limit personal screen time to [specified time] daily, not including educational activities.
  2. Content Consumption: [Child’s Name] will access only content that is appropriate and enriching, avoiding materials not suitable for their age.
  3. Privacy and Safety: Personal information will not be shared online by [Child’s Name] without the explicit consent of [Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name(s)].
  4. Online Etiquette: [Child’s Name] commits to treating others with respect online and will report any instances of cyberbullying to [Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name(s)].
  5. Parental Monitoring: [Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name(s)] have the right to review [Child’s Name]’s digital activities to ensure adherence to this contract.
  6. Balanced Lifestyle: [Child’s Name] pledges to engage in a variety of activities outside of screen time, including reading, playing outdoors, and spending time with family.
  7. Consequences of Violation: Non-compliance with this contract will result in [agreed upon consequences].

Conclusion: We, the undersigned, agree to uphold the terms of this contract, recognizing that it is designed to foster a positive and productive digital experience for [Child’s Name].

Parent/Guardian Signature: Date:

Child Signature: Date:

A Call to Action for Ghanaian Families: The introduction of Digital Use Contracts in Ghanaian homes is a proactive step towards addressing the complexities of digital upbringing.

By setting boundaries and expectations, families can mitigate the risks associated with excessive screen time, such as digital addiction and exposure to harmful content, while promoting beneficial online activities.

Embracing the Digital Future Responsibly:

As Ghana continues to embrace the digital age, the role of families in guiding children’s digital interactions is paramount.

Digital Use Contracts, tailored to reflect the values and norms of Ghanaian society, represent a practical approach to ensuring children grow up as responsible digital citizens.

This initiative is not just about limiting screen time; it’s about empowering Ghanaian children to navigate the digital world with confidence, respect, and wisdom.


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