Kofi S.M.A.R.T Mascot launched To Promote Child Online Protection

Ghana proudly launches Kofi Smart, a dynamic online safety mascot designed to steer the nation, especially its younger citizens, towards safer digital practices. Kofi Smart embodies the essence of Child Online Protection and stands against the growing concern of Image-Based Sexual Violence, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding personal information and understanding the consequences of sharing images online.

Kofi Smart is not just a mascot; it’s a movement towards digital literacy and cybersecurity awareness. With an approachable persona, Kofi is set to become a familiar face in educational campaigns, guiding children and adults alike through the dos and don’ts of the digital world. The initiative underscores the critical need for vigilance against cyber threats and educates on the responsible use of the internet.

The launch of Kofi Smart is a clear indication of Ghana’s proactive approach to tackling online risks. By focusing on Child Online Protection, Kofi Smart aims to create a safe digital space for children, free from the dangers of Image-Based Sexual Violence and other cyber threats. This initiative marks a significant step forward in empowering individuals with the knowledge to navigate the online world securely and confidently.

As Kofi Smart begins its journey across the nation, Ghana sets an example in the global fight for online safety, highlighting the power of education and awareness in creating a secure digital future for all.

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