Ghana Police Service Partners GISF To Champion Online Safety with ePolice Academy 2024

Sunyani, Ghana – 17th April 2024,

The ePolice Academy 2024 International Edition, an initiative hosted by the Ghana Police Service in partnership with the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation, has successfully concluded. The landmark event, which took place at Sheila’s Executive Hotel in Sunyani, Bono Region on April 15th, 2024, brought together top cybersecurity experts and law enforcement officers to foster the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in cyber forensic investigation and bolster online safety in Ghana.

Esteemed international and local professionals gathered to share their knowledge and best practices. Dr. Edward Danso Ansong and Dr. Isaac Tweneboah-Koduah offered profound insights into AI’s role in cybersecurity, while Dr. Tim McGuinness addressed the impact of cybercrime on Victims and Law Enforcement’s role in showing compassion to victims. Emmanuel Atwam delivered an engaging session on digital evidence, emphasizing the enhancement of forensic capabilities within the Ghana Police Service.

Gabriel Ofosu Appiah provided valuable guidance on online safety and digital literacy. Botswana’s David Moepeng shared strategies from his extensive experience in cybercrime mitigation, underscoring the global dimension of the conference.

Practical applications of AI were showcased by DSP Alex Anargbonu, Dominic Alokopo, and Stephen Suglo, who were recognized for their innovative approaches to crime detection. Terence Addey Adams highlighted the essential work in cybercrime prevention within child protection.

The discussion on ethical hacking led by Philemon Hini opened up conversations on securing digital infrastructure. The interactive sessions throughout the event ensured that attendees were equipped with both theoretical understanding and practical skills.

The event received acclaim not only for the expert panels but also for the enthusiastic participation of the trainees, one of whom stated, “The knowledge and hands-on experience gained from the ePolice Academy have been unparalleled. The practical applications of AI we’ve been exposed to are game-changers for our day-to-day duties and will significantly enhance our operational effectiveness.”

There is a slogan that says, ‘Think before you click’. As police officers tasked with protecting life and property, there is a need for us to understand the existence of cybercrime, how to investigate, the type of evidence we are to look for, how to retrieve that evidence, and how to preserve it for future use. This training, when taken seriously, will enhance your professional experience and, for that matter, the goal of the Ghana Police Service and the expectations of the general public. — Bono Regional Police Commander

The Ghana Police Service extends sincere thanks to the organizers, Ghana Internet Safety Foundation, speakers and participants. “This event is a cornerstone in our ongoing commitment to using technology to ensure the safety of the public,” said a senior representative of the Ghana Police Service.

The ePolice Academy was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the pursuit of a safer digital environment in Ghana.

For more information on the outcomes of the event and future initiatives, please contact Gabriel Ofori Appiah at +233 55 000 6737 or

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